Keto Paleo Bar — Dark Chocolate Chili Lime, 5-Pack

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High-Fat Paleo Performance Fuel

WARNING: This is not a sweet treat! If you don’t love dark chocolate, you'll want to approach this one with caution. It gets its flavor from the bitter cacao, tangy lime and spicy cayenne—not from added sugars or artificial sweeteners of any kind. 

Like all our food, this bar is made entirely of real ingredients, each one intentionally selected to boost your performance. It's packed with MCTs to charge your brain, grassfed collagen to heal your body, 100% cacao to soak up free radicals, and organic chia seeds to extinguish inflammation. Totally free of hidden junk and common irritants,* this bar is whole-food proof that performance fuel can be delicious too. 

270 kcal | 3 grams Net Carbs | 100% Organic Paleo

Ingredients (100% organic): Macadamia nuts, unsweetened raw cacao, pastured egg (from chickens raised on bugs and grass at a farm just south of our home in Denver, absolutely no grain or soy feed used), grass fed ghee, unsweetened coconut, grass fed beef collagen, chia seeds, pecans, lime juice, cayenne pepper, vanilla extract, Himalayan pink salt, fig, stevia leaf

*Our foods have absolutely no gluten, dairy, soy, grains, preservatives, processed whey or protein, sugar alcohols (erythritol, maltitol), IMO syrups (cassava root, "prebiotic fiber", tapioca root, etc), GMOs, industrially raised animal products, or any other type of nasty junk.

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