About Us


Hi everyone, thanks for visiting Peregrine Nutrition! We’re a couple based out of Denver, Colorado. Rudy used to be a professional distance runner and now works as a management consultant. Katherine is an economic analyst for the state of Colorado and operates her own art career on the side. We both love the outdoors. This includes hiking and running in the Flatirons behind Boulder, car camping in the Rockies, and watching squirrel and fox videos on Youtube. We’re also really into travellingwe even met during a year abroad in Bologna, Italy! We both have masters degrees from Johns Hopkins University where Katherine spent her time reading about Napoleon and Rudy learned to program machine learning models.

Why Peregrine?

We eat low-carb-high-fat Paleo and know personally how hard it is to stay healthy when you're travelling or just really busy at work. We needed something that we and our friends and family could just toss in a purse or backpack and munch on while on the road or when there's no time to cook. We had been mulling over the idea for awhile, but when we found out Rudy’s mom was eating Burger King for lunch and frozen meals for dinner during a particularly stressful time at work, we knew it was time to take action.