High-Fat Paleo Meals & Bars


Premium High-Fat Performance Fuel

Peregrine bars and meals are made from totally natural ingredients, each one handpicked to make you more awesome. Ultra high in healthy fats, packed with micronutrients and completely free of hidden junk and common irritants, our bars & meals are whole-food proof that performance fuel can be delicious too.

*New* <br>Matcha Green Tea Bar

Matcha Green Tea Bar

100% Keto Paleo | 310 kcal | 2g net carbs

This bar starts out with bright lemon and creamy vanilla. Each serving has a teaspoon of premium Japanese matcha green tea powder, giving it a deep umami flavor and as much caffeine as a small cup of tea.

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Why we're special

  • Made with Love

    We’re a small family-run operation based out of Boulder, Colorado. We make all of our food by hand and in teeny tiny batches right before we send it to you.

  • ACTUALLY Low Carb

    Most purveyors of low-carb Paleo snacks stuff their products with “natural” sweeteners like IMOs and sugar alcohols. These chemicals raise blood sugar and insulin in a lot of people.

  • 100% Organic Paleo

    All of our meals and bars contain only the cleanest-burning ingredients. All of our animal products are grass fed, wild and/or pastured. No nonsense added, just simple food for mobile humans.


Do you ship outside the United States?

Sorry, not yet! We'll be expanding soon, stay tuned...

Who are these bars & meals for?

First and foremost, they’re for us and our friends and family! We make our products to our own personal specifications and tastes. Other health-savvy nomads like us will love them too: Endurance athletes, business travellers, hikers, campers, backpackers, outdoors enthusiasts, expeditioners, or anyone tired of eating crap while out on the road. You don’t need to be permanently low carb or ketotic to enjoy our products—we aren’t. Peregrine’s products just help you save your carbs for when you’ve actually earned them, which usually isn’t when you’re planted in front of a laptop or sitting on an airplane. Our bars and meals are perfect for anyone following a high-fat-low-carb (HFLC) and/or Paleo diet. Give them a try if you’re attempting to lose weight; control diabetes; protect against cancer, cardiovascular disease or dementia; ease gut discomfort; clear up your skin and hair; or maximize fat oxidation for competitive performance.

Why aren't Peregrine bars sweet??

We care too much about you to mollycoddle your inner sweet tooth! "Low-carb" adaptations of the foods that got us all sick originally keep us hooked on exactly the way of eating we're trying to distance ourselves from. Our meals and bars get their flavors from the underlying ingredients, like real food should. We’re not looking to your grandmother’s brownies for inspiration here—we’re bringing back the nutrient-dense, fatty meals your great great great great … grandma would’ve made. Sugar alcohols like erythritol and isomalto-oligosaccharide (IMO) syrups like "prebiotic fiber" can raise blood sugar and insulin, yet virtually all manufacturers of low-carb products use them liberally. Nobody includes them in net carb calculations. They may taste sweet and lull you into thinking you’re eating healthy, but these foods fuel your sweet tooth, switch off your fat burners and wreak havoc on your gut. For some people, eating these sweeteners is almost as bad eating pure sugar itself. Let your taste buds acclimate to the underlying flavors in food—there’s a whole world you may have been missing.

There’s already a million bars out there, why’d you make another one?

There are a ton of Paleo bars on the market, but most are full of carbs. There are a few keto-friendly options, but none of them are truly Paleo. If a bar isn’t loaded with syrups, starch or fructose, it’s full of sugar alcohols like erythritol or IMO syrup like cassava root or tapioca (raise blood sugar), preservatives like potassium sorbate (disrupts gut flora), industrial chicken eggs (pretty much everyone is intolerant at some level to these), highly processed and toxic protein powders, and/or dairy.

How long do Peregrine Bars last?

Peregrine bars will last at least two weeks on the counter, two months in the fridge, or two years in the freezer. Out of respect for your gut flora, there are no preservatives whatsoever in this bar. If you want something you can leave in your bag for months, grab something from one of our competitors. Food wasn’t meant to last a year sitting out at room temp.

What do you put in the bars?

The bulk of the fat calories in this bar is from grass fed ghee (clarified butter), free-range egg yolk (from chickens raised on bugs and grass at a farm just south of Denver, absolutely no grain or soy feed used), unrefined coconut oil, macadamia nuts, pecans, and 100% cacao. The protein comes from egg and grass fed collagen. There’s a small amount of cayenne pepper, vanilla extract, lime juice, sea salt, fig and stevia leaf for flavor. That’s all.

Why'd you put fig in a keto bar?

This isn't your average health bar that relies on figs for bulk, sweetness and shelf-life. We've used a pinch of this nutrient-rich fruit (about as much as half a penny per bar) to synergize with the stevia leaf and deepen the flavor profile—it doesn't take much. Most of the minuscule amount of net carbs in the bar actually come from the 100% cacao and the pecans.

Are Peregrine products organic?

Yes, all of our food is 100% organic.

Are Peregrine bars ketogenic?

Hell yes. At 85% fat—a ton of which is MCTs—you could sit on your ass all day doing nothing but eating these bars and still be in deep ketosis.

Are all Peregrine products 100% completely and totally free of gluten, dairy, soy, preservatives, BPA?

Yes, all of our food is gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, grain-free, preservative-free, BPA-free.

Are all of your animal products free-range or grass fed?

Absolutely. All animal products are grass fed, free range, and or wild-caught. We make a serious effort to ensure all of our animal products are sustainably sourced and actually fit for human consumption.

Are Peregrine bars Whole30 approved?

Nope. Each bar contains about one drop of stevia leaf, which rules them out of Whole30. Everything else about them is Whole30 compliant, though.